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! >> coming up, our ten most shocking moments. >> what an upper cut by douglas. and down goes tyson. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> the "best damn shocking moments in sports" will be right back. so we're shooting in china. no! no! so we're shooting in argentina. i don't hate this. you good? hey, i'm the producer. i just make it happen. and did i mention it's a film about... parisian squirrels that ride bikes? scooter. who ride scooters? i like what you're doing very much. my director... he can be a bit... i want to go back to china. much. but on tonight's flight... i can just sleep. [ announcer ] the new international business class. only on american. we know why you fly. why squirrel hate me? pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a pothole...so....k, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! >>> we now return to the "best damn shocking moments in sports." she was the number one ranked player in the world, having domin
as a very good half court defensive team. but so much of the focus was on toney douglas because he was such a great lock down defender. leonard hamilton told us before the ball game, he said, looking douglas is gone, we've moved past that. you'll find that we've got guys that can play defense, you just don't know with it. people didn't talk about them last year because they spent so much team talking about did douglas. hall back in the ball game for mercer. jenkinss. and hall. hall misses the three. and a walk. foul before the walk? one official had a walk, one official had a foul. >> dan: foul will be against gibson. although it did look like a wall. >> rich: jenkins the beneficiary of the call. >> dan: bob hoffman questioning why that was not a shooting foul. >> rich: 3-29 from the field for the bears. hits the three. >> dan: that was great ball movement that time. >> rich: on the drive, jor dap demercy is fouled. the odd thing about mercer, they're 4-30. all four of their made field goals are threes. >> dan: they can't get inside that three point line with all those long, long a
, fourth quarter down by 14, and that's when tony douglas started to take over. scored 9 of the 21 in the final frame, down two, five seconds to play, the knicks look to douglas one more time, but he couldn't get the leader to fall. the jazz hold on and beat the knicks 95-93. > college basketball, north carolina tarheels unveiled their latest championship banner against isiah thomas. forced the turnover, got it back, easy bucket, he had a game-high 20. this one well out of hand in the second, but check out john hensman. they won it 88-72. that's your earl look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >> thank you, fred. >>> some interesting if not downright strange casting on broadway and in hollywood. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, it helps to get an apache blessing before a long journey, especially if you're about to become a national icon. you're watching "early today." >>> well, welcome back. we're continuing to track what's left of tropical storm ida. still has winds about 40 to 50 miles per hour. but we haven't seen many of those
. for some, it's making them throw money down the drain. douglas kennedy has the news edge on mysterious cell phone chargers. >> reporter: don't charge that phone, what this technology writer said about some new cell phones, where a touch, he said, even an inadvertent one is going to cost you. >> you say some of these cell phone companies are being completely unethical? >> it's another in a long line of cell carrier ripoffs and they should be outraged. >> reporter: for years, david pogue is written in the times about overcharges. this wig, he said, is inundated by calls from cell customers, complaining about see-called data charges. that have been mysteriously appearing on cell phone bills from verizon and at&t. here's how it works. some cell phone companies like verizon have installed shortcuts on the keypads like this arrow for mobile me or get it now services. simply pressing this button could cost $1.99 and poke said many customers have been pressing it over and over again by accident. you also got an e-mail from a verizon employee who said verizon is doing this intentionally, ripping peo
as they come. >> penny douglas, defense attorney if this was your client, would you say you can't connect him to the murder? >> that's very likely. it's likely he passed this child off to other people. as horrific as that can be. the thing that's amazing to me, it appears this child could have still been alive when the mother did that 911 tape. they have her on tape from the hotel if this child was alive when that mother dialled 911. if the mother had been honest, possibly they could have found this child before she died. >> the father of shoon ia, brad lockhart was a guest on "oprah" today. he had some interesting things to say. >> i wasn't aware of any drug problem. never even crossed my mind. never saw anything that would stand out to where she had a drug problem. >> as far as you know, did you feel that your daughter was safe with her? >> yeah, over the past five years, i never was greatly concerned dropping her off. you know, everybody's always got a concern. antoinette never lived in the best neighborhoods, so, of course, there was always that concern. but i never was concerned of her c
home have a very rough time adjusting to life after war. douglas kennedy reports on how one marine is offering to help troubled veterans. >> when derrick smith returned from operation iraqi freedom two years ago, his life fell apart. he had flash backs of the combat experience. and he started to drink and using drugs to cope. >> you were suffering from both drug addiction, and post-traumatic distress disorder at the same time. describe that. >> well, they both go hand-in-hand for me. when i got back from iraq, it was like i didn't know how to express my feelings what i was going through. i felt out of place. >> now, smith is getting help in a facility that treats both his substance abuse, and ptsd. it is a two pronged approach being pushed by this man. >> you believe that it is essential to treat both problems at the same time. tell me why. >> that's right douglas. the evidence shows for the best effect you have to treat ptsd and drug and alcohol abuse at the same time. concurrently. >> jim abernathy runs abernathy mcgregor successful public relations firms in new york. but he is n
.5 ft douglas-fir will arrive on a horse-drawn carriage and bid on display in the blue room throughout the holidays. >> don't forget to send your answer to our water cooler question of the day. >> when do you plan to start decorating for the holidays? >> email us at watercooler@wbaltv.com. we will post all of your answers on the front page of our website and read a few on-air. >> a visitor is lighting up the sky in south africa. we will show the video. >> thousands of people burn calories for a good cause this thanksgiving. >> a new contraption can save you from a wild animal, but it might break the bank. >> it's cold and windy. a few snowflakes falling around. we will take the weekend forecasts in a moment. >> several early morning accidents. volume picking up with a lot of folks shopping. be careful. we will get you up-to-date, straight ahead. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--
, douglas hoffman is not the republican party nominee. he's a third party candidate who entered the race when new york party leaders selected dee dee skozzafava. a pro-choice. pro-stimulus moderated to fill this seat in the sprawling district won by ident obama in the 2009 election. >> dede scozzafava is a liberal. >> reporter: scozzafava came likes of sarah palin and om the national conservative groups who flooded the district with money and volunteers. where are you from? i'm actually from the denver, colorado area. and skozzafava, the handpicked nominee dropped out. this after the republican party and its national campaign committees spent $1 million backing her in this race. stranger still now that skozzafava endorsed the dem bill owens, sparking i told you so from the right. >> dede skozzafava is precisely what moderate republicans will do. >> reporter: he may be able to ride the wave of conservative consent to victory. >> we need those people, they're going to be a major part of who we are. but they also have other points of view. >> reporter: but douglas hoffman says not all views
a former marine who is working on cutting edge technology designed to help those troubled veterans. douglas kennedy is live in new york. douglas, as we talk to you, we'll keep this picture up. >> great, bill. many of our vets have fought the enemy for years in iraq and afghanistan. unfortunately, when they come home, some of them end up fighting the enemy within. when derrick smith returned from operation iraqi freedom two years ago his life fell apart. flashbacks of his combat experience. and he started drinking and using drugs to cope. you were suffering from both drug addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder at the same time. describe that. >> well, i think they kind of both go hand in hand for me. when i got back from iraq i didn't know how to express my feelings what i was going through. i kind of felt out of place. >> now smith is getting help in a facility that treats both his substance abuse and ptsd. it's a two-pronged approach being pushed by this man. you believe it's essential to treat both problems at the same time. tell me. >> well, that's right, douglas. the evidence show
out toney douglas. ward who was a sophomore, had 75 steals. >> dan: we mentioned florida state has a history of guys who have been able to steal the ball. tim picket was another one. >> rich: nice move inside. loucks in the scoring column. this the biggest lead if florida state in this ball game, a 30 point lead. a dozen minutes left. and another turnover. no look. again son fou gibson fouled and he goes to the line. may have been florence. quick time-out on the floor. south africa, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at autismspeaks.org. early diagnosis c
-- oral argument about a young men being held at guantanamo bay. in a couple of hours, douglas johnson will talk about the group roles in the health debate. "washington journal" is next. . and he is stepping down according to a white house official and the announcement by craig who fell into disfavor over his handling of president barack obama's plan to close the guantanamo bay prison will come after the president arrives in asia. and craig will be replaced by craig bower who served as obama's personal lawyer according to the white house official. bob bower is also the husband of anita dunn who is stepping down. and in regard to guantanamo this news just came over the a.p. wire and this is from the "l.a. times." five gitmo 9/11 detainees to be tried in new york. khalid sheik muhammad and detainees will be sent to new york to face trial in a civilian federal court, an obama administration official said today. the official said that attorney general eric holder plans to announce the decision later in the morning. and if he does it on camera you can be sure that c-span will be covering th
know, just an average area. welcome to lincoln heights. douglas wagner snagged these vintage quarters in up-and-coming lincoln heights near downtown los angeles. it was built in 1908, and so the home itself has been around for a century now. when you come through my door, if you're getting a tour of it, you don't want to blink, because it'll be quick. the layout is pretty simple. the front of the house is the living room, and then there's a kitchen and then a small bedroom. how big is my house? probably the better question is, how small is my house? my house is actually 616 square feet, but the property is about 7,000 square feet, and i've got this amazing deck. it's wonderful. i purchased the home in 2002, and i paid $152,000 for it. at the time, it was affordable. it was right before the neighborhood became historically preserved, which immediately increased the values of the homes. the historic designation plus the 25 grand that douglas put into renovations caused the value of the place to shoot up to 275,000 big ones, making for a sizeable profit. (speaking indistinctly) but dougl
. joining us is now is douglas anderson and he's a chef. so you are telling us about alternatives for holiday brunch. this is pretty hearty. can you walk us through what you are going to do. >> this is how we do the egg dish is different. we do them in the kitchen and it allows us to be creative and this is short ribs and hash. >> i saw hash andives thinking piggy and rice. but that's not the case. >> you could. but we will use short ribs and i will show the traditional way of roasting it and our way of what we do in this hotel world. >> sure. fire it up. >> we will sere this. >> uh-huh. >> hopefully this will be hot. >> a little warm. >> pretend this is going [ making sizzling noise ] >> the holidays are stressful and taking the stress and worry out of cooking, is this something that is easy to do? >> the hash you can do it ahead of time. you can have the ingredients cooked and roasted an when you wake up it is a matter of throwing them in a pan, caramelizing them and put it on a plate. >> is this something you can do the night before. >> it is easier if you do. you can throw the
. journalist douglas preston has followed the amanda knox trial from the start and has been in constant contact with her family throughout the past few months. he's also the author of "the monster of florence d." douglas, good morning. amanda knox called the prosecutor's case pure fantasy. you've become close with her family. what have they told you about how she is coping in these final days? >> well, it was very difficult when they showed that computer-animated movie that purported to show amanda murdering her moom raroommate. they interspersed actual photographs of the victim taken at crime scene which were absolutely gruesome. >> she turned away from that. >> she did. it is very difficult. i think it is very difficult to hear yourself described with such terrible actions and such terrible words. you know, the case against her is just as fantastical as that computer-animated movie. >> is that common to do something like that computer-animated prosecutor's version of what happened that night? >> i've actually never heard of it before. the italians love the cinema and this may be a new trend i
. >>> the official white house christmas tree will arrive today. the 18.5-foot tall douglas fir will come in on a traditional horse drawn carriage like this. the first family'first tree in the white house comes from shepherdstown, west virginia. the tree will be on display in the blue room throughout the holiday season. >>> a family in clinton, maryland, is very happy to be together this thanksgiving holiday. >> a serious accident a month ago almost claimed the lives of a -- claimed the lives of a mother and her unborn child. that mother got to thank those who rescued her. >> reporter: sade davis is grateful for every day but this year's thanksgiving is truly special. >> my family here, baby on the way, we're doing great. >> reporter: in fact, it's almost like christmas. some friends dropped by with gifts. friends she made unexpectedly almost a month ago to the day. >> i don't remember the accident, but i just remember, you know, waking up in the hospital. >> reporter: she was driving in clinton on her way to have a sonogram taken of her unborn son, jaden. her suv left the road, struck so
afterwards, nathan, dunbar wins it 20-0. the state semis friday. also, the regional final, douglas wins 8-0. nfl football right here on wjz tomorrow at 1:00 sharp, when the ravens host the 9-0 colts on wjz. >> we have to do a great job of putting up points, you know, to help our defense out. that upsets each other. obviously, special teams matter. >> you know, we want to be and it starts with indianapolis. >> also tonight, baltimore blast, indoor soccer. there they go. watch scott, down field and watch the header up that rebound. that is a good kick from lucio and it's the blast, beating the kick tonight. the kicks, that is, with a final of 19-8. a lot is going on in football. john hopkins won, and it is kyle busch winning in nascar. >> all right sam, that's sports. still to come, how a group of boy scouts went above and beyond. that's coming up. >>> can you imagine the merit badge for this one? a group of boy scouts fixed up an entire house. their scout master for 40 years inherited his mother's home, but a major leak damaged that home on the inside beyond repair. that's when all the
his days her at frederick douglas high school. it's what he's doing off the field that is getting attention. in order to spare a sibling of growing up in a tough neighborhood, he's taking legal guardianship of a 15-year-old brother. they share a 2 bedroom apartment south of the campus. shaky's coach says that the 22-year-old is conscientious, he's doing something not every college football player can do. >>> for the past 90 years, you, your grandparents, your grandparents, we put out or team colors and go out to watch the turkey game. the highest scoring one ever, what a treat this year. >> reporter: neighbors, friends, families, but for today you take a side, either layolaa. >> i'm so proud of my son, i know these boys. >> we've known pat fitzgerald since he was in pre-school and he had the game of his life. smallest guy n the field but the biggest heart. >> good to go out with a win. got to give credit to my offensive line and the defense for putting up a good performance. i gave credit to lay yolea. >> reporter: close to 12,000 people came out in the fog and mist to sit in the
in prison for life. >> reporter: maryland attorney general douglas gants ler, who was then montgomery county state's attorney, said muhammad absolutely deserves to die. >> regardless of your view on whether or not you think we should have a death penalty in the state of maryland, we do have it and john muhammad is the poster child for the person who should get it. >> reporter: few will forget the sniper's reign of terror, with so many victims, so much fear for the entire community. will the execution of john alan muhammad be the final chapter in this horror story? will it be closure to his victims? christ gordo chris gordon, news 4. >>> tropicastorm ida is getting weaker as it approaches the united states but it's still battering parts of the gulf coast with heavy rains. this is video from the southwest coast of alabama tonight. bob ryan is here with more on ida's track and her impact. sfwhob. >> doreen, it will be a major rain producer. that's the impact. the winds have now decreased. you can see on the regional radar, and i will zoom into that, it is pretty much assure heading into mobile
the father was. >> okay. to atlanta defense attorney penny douglas furr. penny, so the state is alleging the heat was on. she, idiot, decides to file for public assistance. and they make her agree to a paternity test. so to avoid the authorities finding out, she's been molesting a 14-year-old little boy, possibly 13 at the time, she killed the baby. that's the case as the state is laying it out, penny. what's your defense? >> nancy, that in itself is insane. just because you kill the baby does not mean that they can't find out who the father was. they can take dna from the baby whether he's dead or alive. it sounds totally ridiculous. she could have denied she knew who the father was. she could have said, i only know first names. she could have given a list. they may have pressured her. she could have easily said she didn't know. but to make it clearer in lay terms as to insanity, the difference would be that the person shows that she did know she did the wrong thing. >>> 911, what's your emergency? >> i just woke up and our back door was open. i know i didn't do anything to that little
douglas fir will stand in the blue room. the couple that grew the tree has been raising them for 50 years and this is their fourth tree to make ait to the white house. >>> you've no doubt herd about a whoit christm whoit christmas. the first family of colorado had a when i say thanksgiving. it was toilet paper. governor bill ritter says he has teenage kids at home and he expects it was probably a prank. colorado's first lady says if the house was egged or soaped she may have thought it was politically motivated. she added political statements are made with a different kind of paper. >>> you may remember us telling you about big mama, a woman who volunteers every year to help feed the less fortunate for the holidays. well, andre hepkins explains how one family returned the favor this thanksgiving. >> nice seeing you. >> you too. >> make yourself at home. >> thank you. >> i never had this. thank you, jesus. >> i never had this specialness. >> reporter: she is best known as big mama. >> it never dawned on me. >> reporter: and for decade, big mama has become known for all sorts of things, suc
way to support america's heroes. douglas kennedy is live with us here in the newsroom. what exactly is this new initiative? >> it's being used to treat struggling vets who are coming home. most of these guys spend years fighting the taliban then they come home and end up fighting themselves. now, one man says he has the answer to their problems. this is his story. when derek smith returned from operation iraqi freedom two years ago, his life fell apart. flashbacks to his combat experience, and he started drinking and using drugs to cope. you were suffering from both drug addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder at the same time. describe that. >> they both go hand in hand for me. when i got back from iraq, like i didn't really know how to express my feelings, what i was going through. kind of felt out of place. >> now smith is getting help in a facility that treats both his substance abuse and ptsd. it's a two-pronged approach being pushed by this man. you believe it's essential to treat both problems at the same time. tell me why. >> that's right, douglas. the evidence shows tha
in intensive care. the mcdonnell douglas plane was registered in zimbabwe and was en route from shanghai to the capital of kyrgyzstan. one runway was closed down. that caused havoc for air travelers. more than 4,000 people were delayed for hours. the airport is shanghai's main hub for international flights. operations, though, have now returned to normal. there's no word yet on the cause of the crash. cnn, beijing. >>> still ahead, we'll talk live with a friend of tiger woods about the superstar's mysterious car accident. ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ >>> all right. a lot of folks going to be getting their christmas trees this weekend. some of you may already have them up. the white house just got their christmas tree. it's a doug lis fir, a big sucker, 18 1/2 feet tall
to help you, madeleine. and i have so many other stories. douglas engolspie, a small business owner in santa barbara. he had 11 employees. he couldn't afford to get them insurance anymore. he asked that i support a public option, and i do. and my republican are saying, douglas, no, we're not going to help you. and it goes on. the stories go on, and i'll put them all in the record. one of these stories is from a doctor, a retired pediatrician in sacramento, california, dr. robert meager, who wrote to me and said, parents begged him not to write on the form after he saw a child with asthma, please don't write down asthma; please say it was bronchitis. please. because if you write down that my child has asthma, they'll have a preexisting condition and when they go out on their own, they can't get insurance. can you imagine a doctor has to face a parent like that? my republican friends don't seem to to want think about that. they just seem to be thinking about politics and the next election, and we all know the bill before us isn't perfect. they should vote to start deba debate. they ca
years time. >>douglas: i think we understand that why we are at probably the forefront of the site selection for the ska, is because it is a radio quiet zone. and the reason why it's radio quiet of course this is because there is very little out there i can assure you -- there is very little out there. >>brun: it is so isolated, in a simple word. you are talking about a vast expanse with a very small community around it. the size of the netherlands. so we are talking a property the size of countries here. >>easen: it's hard to imagine that this remote site in the australian outback could be covered by up to 4,000satellite dishes by 2020. in mega science terms the ska will only be matched in scale by the large hadron collider in geneva. and it comes with a similarly high price tag. >>boyle: the 1.5 billion euro cost for building the ska is between the 19 countries that are currently participating in the scientific collaboration. each of those countries has to develop the business case totake to government to invest in this. >>reporter: the costs don't stop there, the ska needs a one
is now backing her former democratic rival, competing against a third candidate, conservative douglas hoffm. correct the conservative is running against a republican. nobody knows what is going to happen. >> voters will have their say in maine about whether gay couples cannot legally married. it would be the first referendum to accept gay marriage. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> we will have a much more on the race for richmond later this hour. for complete coverage, log onto our website, wjla.com. >>> people in northwest d.c.'s chevy chase neighborhood are on alert after two burglarie bandits struck along chevy chase parkway while people were sleeping inside. they stole computers, a purse, and credit cards. burglars robbed another family on the same street. police are urging residents to lock their screens and doors. >>> a show of support for georgetown students who were apparently the victims of anti gay crimes. these were condemned. two assaults occurred off campus. a written slurp was posted on the door of the transsexual resource center. police are investigating these incidents. >>
was presented with the official white house christmas tree this afternoon. 18 1/2 foot tall douglas fir arrived on the horse drawn carriage at the north port co. the tree will be on display in the white house blue room throughout the holiday season. it was grown in shepardstown, west virginia. the crew of of atlantis is back on earth. the ship returned to earth under perfect conditions this morning. homecoming is especially sweet for randolph bresnik whose baby daughter was born while he was in space. atlantis has just one more scheduled mission before it is slated for retirement. >> we'll talk about those party crashers that caused quite a stir at the white house tuesday night. the fox all-stars join me right after the break.aster andr than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new... powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vacuum. anncr: you don't vacuum open floors, you vacuum rooms filled with furniture. anncr: and the xl platinum makes cleaning under, around, and behind them, fast and easy! anncr: and now david oreck has a payment plan that can fit every budget! so, call now
on the town. julie: tradition of the horse drawn carriage to date. the douglas fir that will be the white house christmas tree will go in the blue room. it is always a big attraction this time of year, seen by thousands of holiday parties and on public tours. it has been called the strongest and most definitive statement yet from countries were about iran's nuclear plants. iraq of unity that could mean a threat to the sanctity of the islamic republic. plus, he nearly died in afghanistan and came home a different man. the latest someone sold a's fight against incredible odds. julie: the u.n. nuclear watchdog voted today to rebuke iran and demanded they stop working on a secret facility they recently revealed. this time, for a change, russia and china are both voting with the u.s. and against iran. steve centanni is live in our newsroom. how does this change to stand up? >> especially, today's meeting in vienna, china's support of the resolution. both countries have strong ties to iran and refused to back moves like this in the past, so if they continue, a new round of sanctions could becom
douglas, the bus driver. he worked as part of the tour group. he suffered a heart attack just before the crash. it was along interstate 85 near richmond. the bus hit an embankment and turnover. the driver was killed and nine others were slightly injured. >> the folks in the back probably would never have known whether it's going on in front with the driver appeared >> they were traveling from the long island, new york to greenberg, north carolina. miley cyrus has a show on sunday. >> she is not here. she was not on this bus. >> although there was overnight rain in the area, investigators say that speed nor whether were considered factors. witnesses described those who were not injured as pretty shaken up. >> i think there were tried to communicate with the other buses that were traveling. they were trying to make heads or tails of what had happened. >> the cyrus family has posted a message on the miley servers web site. "we are deeply saddened by the loss of uncle bill the wis. our thoughts and prayers go to his family. >> the weekend is almost upon us. will we see more sun or will t
national security. rev. c. douglas smith: we have a responsibility to protect god's creation. ted turner: because i want jobs that are made in america. indra nooyi: because some of america's most trusted companies know clean energy will create new industries and new jobs. mike bloomberg: because i want america to lead the way. woman: so add your voice. man: add your voice. (announcer) add your voice at repoweramerica.org/wall
, douglas wilder -- remember him? the former republican governor of new york, george pataki. we have them and more all on fox business. they say as you do that if you do not get fox business -- >> demand it! neil: and they are very influential. why now? is it because they fear something coming tomorrow? ún neil: are you cahandy? good with a screwdriver? stanley works is going to be buying black and decker, the largest provider of tools, two of the largest are going to become the largest. was that and the cit, the financial giant, not able to get a rescue from the government, having to figure things out on its own, capitalism, rare trifecta stuff today. the g.o.p. claimed that their health-care plan would cut costs. are they just swapping one big government plan for another? let's ask the congressman tom price. great to have you back. what is the cost of this, congressman? i cannot find it. >> for the democrat bill? neil: for your bill. i know the democrats. man, oh, man, i am drunk after that. >> we will not have any increase in taxes. neil: about $1 trillion? >> absolutely not. what we
with the official white house christmas tree. it is a douglas fir from shepherd's town, west virginia. here's a look at the delivery friday at the north portico of the white house. ["o tannenbaum" plays] ♪ >> you are watching c-span, created for you as a public service on america's cable companies. coming up, the last of three nights of the original document is on the iconic building up
that michael douglas used to deal with which is sexual addiction or as i like to call it, being a dude. here is the thing. i'm disagreeing with the firing because espn says it will compromise his integrity for him to continue his reporting. he is not talking about war torn bosnia. he is talking about baseball. i saw him talk in great detail about the various intricacies of the philly fans. the guy is abubble reporter. >> greg: you are saying baseball reporters have a different standard, a lower standard. >> i'm saying they don't have a standard, greg. he talks about batting averages and rbis. >> julie you must disagree because i saw the anger in your eyes when said this. >> we all sit here and laugh and it is. >> i am not going to talk about her personal appearance. she is a little troll, the way she behave is despicable. i'm disgusted with it. she is obviously out of her mind. >> i love the term husky lover from you, though. >> look at how cute she is, little tramp. here is the thing, remember, that this guy has a wife who we assume probably wasn't running around cheating with every tom, di
down in the eighth inning, douglas a knockout michael tyson. >> it was one of the biggest upsets of all time in any sport. >> i had my moments. >> is over. michael tyson has been knocked out. >> 20 years? >> i cannot believe it has been 20 years. amazing. it is good to see that buster still looks and sounds normal. >>> up next, wedding bells in that addition to ( clicking ) ( laughs, click ) when you hear a click, ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure wi hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv looks like new. uh, awesome? actually, i want to talk about how i get $150 back? oh, well you get $150 back if you switch to fios. i was curious why we're listening to customers. oh, boy... seems dumb. (announcer) switch to fios now, and get $150 back. plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. record shows in one ro
and start a family towards the end of my career. in fact, douglas was, you know, had turned 1 when i retired. and so've been able to kind of able, you know, like i did with hockey, devote everything i have to my kids and to the family, which is that we talked about bere the show, i had a lot of respect for the guys that were raising a family and playing beuse i know personally i couldn't have done it, because i would have been torn too much either way. >> tim: a shot of your son during the raising to the rafters of the great number 11 with the new york rangers. anthe tears were flowing. >> yeah, that was a special night there. a lot of memories. my family obviously there. they had been there from day one in edmonton. my extended family, all the kids there. some of the young hockey players are as well. but yeah, that was a great night. you know, i really look at that banner as a -- as a -- i guess as memory book in way of all the people and all the coaches and all the things that were able to put me in a position to be successful. and, you know, it's a night none of us will ever forget. >> ti
for the television series "my three sons." mcmurray played teach douglas, a widower raising his three boys with the help of grandpa bub and uncle charlie. as one of the first single fathers on tcht v, mcmurray helped change the face of the american family. >> do you meend holding it down a little. >> reporter: in the mid 1960s, it moved to cbs embracing the technology of the day, going from black and white to color. after a remarkable 12 year run, to had this day, "my three sons" is the second long e. running live action family sitcom in history. >> i've been through all this before. >> and here in the studio are real life brothers stan and barry livingston what played chip and bury and his real laugh katie. >> and in los angeles, older brother robbie. good morning, don. >> good morning. >> you guys were a trailblazing show in a tumultuous time. you were redefining the american family with a single dad raising kids. did you feel that xwrgravity ate time? >> we thought we were in another world. i think it was simpler. >> an alternate universe i think we were living in because the real world
for the soul of the republican party. >> reporter: thing is, douglas hoffman is not the republican party nominee. he's a third-party candidate who entered the race when new york republican leaders selected moderate dede scozzafava. who supports abortion rights and the president's stimulus plan to fill a seat won in 2008. >> tired of choosing between two liberals for congress? >> reporter: scozzafava came under withering attack from the likes of sarah palin and national conservative groups who flooded the district with money and volunteers. where are you from? >> i'm actually from the denver, colorado area. >> reporter: this weekend, trailing in the polls, scozzafava, the hand-picked republican nominee, dropped out of the race. this was republican candidate scozzafava's campaign headquarters, now completely shut down. this after the republican party in its national campaign committees spent $1 million backing her in this race. stranger still, now that scozzafava endorsed the demoat bill owens, sparking i told you sos from the right. >> dede scozzafava is illustrating precisely what modera
avenue. the first lady will accept the tree at 2:00 p.m. the 18 1/2 foot douglas fir comes from shepherd's town, west virginia, arriving on the traditional horse drawn carriage to the north portico. the tree will be on display in the blue room throughout the holiday season. >>> famous director roman polanski could be released from a switzerland prison on monday. once released, he will go to his home where he will be under house arrest while a decision is made on whether to extradite him to the u.s. the director is accuse of having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl. polanski was granted bail after being arrested in zurich in september. >>> in saudi arabia, millions of muslims are casting stones on the third day of the annual hajj. the pilgrims throw the stones at walls representing the devil. during the event, fears of the swine flu have resulted in warnings and beefed up security. despite the warnings, the pilgrims say the lifetime experience is worth the risk. we have more from mecca. >> reporter: it's the largest single gathering on the planet. more than 2 million muslims from 160 co
rushed in and came to the officer's defense. they pulled douglas burden away. burden was charged with one count of battery on a law enforcement officer. >>> call it tough love for the bay. the federal epa has put maryland and five other states and the chesapeake watershed on notice, to improve water quality or face the consequences. alex demetrick reports, that ultimately means reducing the pollution by 100 million pounds a year. >> watermen have been watching their catches and income shrink for years, as grass that dies and dead zones on the bay. >> absolutely. everybody talks about the bad water quality. but nobody is doing anything about it. >> reporter: but dr. beth mcgee, who studies water quality for the bay foundation, thinks that's changing. >> epa is finally stepping up to the plate and during the leadership that has been for the last eight years at least. >> reporter: and warning maryland and five other bay states to come up with plans to cut pollution. >> the level of detail that they're going to require in these plans is really unprecedented. >> reporter: that means big commun
the president in copenhagen. >>> and the first lady will accept the 18.5 douglas fir that will be on display through the holiday season. >>> and then, down over 200 points. did not want to get those numbers, did we? down about 224 and change right now on the dow. we will keep a track on things. >>> meantime, the hope for merchants on this black friday. and then the cold hard reality of the nearly two-year long recession. one new survey finds the average household plans to spend about 7% less than last year, and that all comes out to just below 4$40 per household. and we are joined now by the senior consumer reporter for smartmoney.com. we heard from the ceo of best buy, and he said it's a great time to be a consumer? >> yeah, it is. you need to be careful how you consume this holiday season. and for most people, we are looking at a lot of extra costs, just throughout the holiday season, that you don't anticipate for. and so it's about -- it's about making the list of gifts, and thinking about who you will give to and maybe coming up with a few ideas before you start shopping. behind that, th
for carter and two for reagan and now this 18 1/2 foot douglas fir is destined for the white house. the children are there and the family is well knit. to provide the white house tree a farmer the has to be crowned by the christmas tree association and then white house officials make a visit. >> they are looking for trees that have good form and for trees that stronger branches because they use a lot of decorations. >> and it takes a lot of hard work to grow that presidential tree. careful pruning, experimenting with the right mix to get the right characteristics and a little tough love. >> she will say in the morning well, fellas, do you want to be a christmas tree now or are you going to wait until later and be toilet paper? that gets the tree growing. >> reporter: these college sweet hearts who have been growing trees for 50 years are hoping to shake the obama's hands when they drop off this holiday gift but -- but then it is back to work. >> can't let it go to your head because you have to come back to work again. >> right. >> but they say they are happy knowing their gift will
to the c.b.o. director, douglas elm dove, "i concluded that the fiscal policy is on an unsustainable path that cannot be solved by minor tinkering." i'm going to blow your mind by the end of the hour. it cannot be solved. it is unsustainable. this is going to make things much, much worse. well, he just said it couldn't be solved by minor tinkering. well, it is not minor tinkering coming your way. this is a massive change. remember, none of the people that are advising the president or helping write these bills -- i can't think of anybody that might be helping writing this bill -- those people are not advocating small little changes. no, no, no, this is not tweaking that they are building here. we are talking about massive sweeping change. americans showed up by the hundreds of thousands at various tea parties to demand the opposite of this. stop spending money! but look at these bills. look at this. this is a fundamental transformation of america. pages. thousands of pages. not minor tinkering here. massive changes to the way you live your life. the senate plans to pass this mess before c
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